Alumnus, mother team up to write children’s book

Alumnus Schuyler Cauley – now in the 11th grade – and mom Beth have teamed up to create a children’s story starring their pet cat, Scrappy – and they created that story in-part to share it with others, like the students of Neshaminy Montessori.

Since mother and son have a passion for geography and writing, they decided to put that together in an educational book for young children. In this story, Scrappy travels all around the world and is even dressed up to coordinate with his travels!

It was a great opportunity to see what the kids liked about Scrappy’s story, and storytelling as a whole. The kids were so excited to see landmarks they were familiar with, like the Eiffel Tower and The Great Wall of China. Their favorite part was finding Scrappy in each picture and seeing what he was wearing! Next stop for Scrappy? Find him in a hard book copy autographed by the authors themselves, to be included in the school’s library of children’s books!