Day of The Dinosaurs!

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University brought their Dinosaur exhibit to Neshaminy Montessori and transformed our barn into a genuine museum experience. We had a dynamic duo of instructors who were very knowledgeable on the subject of dinosaurs. Each child had the unique experience of pretending to be a "paleontologist".

The hands-on presentation came complete with real dinosaur fossils, skeletons, dinosaur eggs, footprints, dinosaur sculptures, including cast replicas of the stegosaurus's bony plates & horns, paleontologist tools, teeth, coprolites which is fossilized " poop" , and a tyrannosaurus fang, plus much more!!!!

A fascinating measurement tool was also presented which showed the length of Gallimimus, the smallest dinosaur in this specific group, the medium-sized Triceratops, and the largest dinosaur - the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

We all participated and had such a wonderful learning experience. The student’s favorite fact from today’s presentation was that all birds are dinosaurs. We truly do have dinosaurs still among us.