Election Day!

The polls at Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori opened at 9:30am and closed at 2:30pm. The students had the opportunity to cast their vote and they had strong opinions on whether they wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. They also voted for their favorite school cookie: Oreo vs. Chocolate Chip. 

It was an exciting educational experience in which the children practiced the exercise of voting. They learnt about the foundation of our democracy, the importance of developing an opinion and making a decision that will shape their future.

Each student had to be properly checked in and was able to place their votes in private. After they placed their ballots in the official voting box, they received "I Voted!" pins and stickers.

The votes were triple checked for accuracy. Hillary Clinton was the winner in the school. The results were Hillary Clinton 40 and Donald Trump 26. Chocolate Chip was the winner in the favorite cooking category, beating out Oreos by only 2 votes.

To celebrate the poll results and the duty of voting, all the students will enjoy some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.