Christopher Columbus Adventures

This week in history.... In fourteen hundred ninety-two...

Columbus sailed the blue ocean.....

The children were introduced to the famous explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus. They learned fun facts about him and his infamous voyage!

The students learned that he was the explorer who is credited for discovering America. I then further elaborated that there were already people living in America at the time and they were called Native Americans or Native American Indians. Though Columbus was not the first to discover America, it was Columbus's voyage that started the exploration and colonization of the Americas. 

The children were then informed about the incredibly famous ships of  Columbus's journey known as the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. We did a clapping game to help reinforce the memorization of the ships’ names.

The children had their hand painted brown to create the ships vessel. They printed their hand on blue construction paper. They then traced, cut, and pasted the ships sails onto their boat. The children used paint markers to create the water (ocean) and cotton to represent the clouds. Lastly each child chose the ship that they wanted to create and wrote its name on their paper.

Next week the students will create spooky ghost's!