Little Farmers At Styer Orchard

This week the students attended Styer Orchard. We had the most glorious Autumn day. It was seasonably warm, but that did not discourage our little farmers.

The leaves displayed colors of crimson, amber, gold and emerald. The children were submerged into nature; from the chirps of the birds to the sway of the breeze, the students truly enjoyed the natural resources Bucks County has to offer.

We started our tour of the farm exploring "Ghost Alley" which we ended up taking a hilariously wrong turn, coming out the wrong exit of the maze. We continued our journey by taking a scenic hay ride on a wooden wagon being pulled by a tractor. The views were absolutely breathtaking!

We arrived at our first destination where the children were led to a large pumpkin patch. Each child had the opportunity to hand pick their own pumpkin. There were shrills and giggles galore.

We then boarded the wagon again and were pulled along serpentine paths of lush Apple trees. The children received a demonstration on how apples grow and the proper way to remove the Apples from the branches.

They all received plastic bags and separated off into their chaperoned groups. The children happily roamed the orchard picking Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Winesap apples.

Our field trip came to a happy end.  Each child got to choose two decorative gourds from an outdoor bin. Next week we will start our Halloween crafts.