Learning The Parts Of An Apple

This week the children have been introduced to the Parts of an Apple. This was a wonderful opportunity to integrate Botany in the classroom and teach the children the scientific terms of the Apple.

The children can now proudly share all the names of the Apple which are: the leaf, stem, skin, flesh, core, seeds, star and sepal blossom.

In group time the children and I dissected an Apple by cutting the apple in half horizontally. We revealed a beautiful star shape. The children were so excited to see the star form hiding in their Apple. Each child had the opportunity to hold the half of the Apple and observe the star.

They also were exposed to the beautiful fragrance of the Apple, which was lovely & Sweet. We also had the opportunity to count how many seeds were in the Apple. Our Apple contained 6 seeds.

I also Incorporated in the lesson the concept of light and heavy. Each child held the tiny seeds in their hands. In this case the apple seeds were very light.

Next week the children will learn about the Parts of a Pumpkin.