Artist Yosi

This week the students and Families of Trevose Day School & Neshaminy Montessori were treated to a riveting concert featuring award-winning children's recording artist Yosi.

Yosi who is of Israeli descent created a marvelous musical cultural experience for the students and their kin. The concert began with the many ways to say "hello". Yosi shared with the students numerous languages ranging from Hebrew, French, Español and many more.

Through the use of music, singing, and dancing the children all related to the music in a harmonious manner. This concert truly educated the students on the diverse range of beautiful intricate instruments that are played through out our world.

Yosi took the children on an international tour of the seven Continents. Yosi provided numerous examples of instruments for the children to physically play, observe and listen too; for example the Didgeridoo from Australia, the harmonica from Germany, the Rain sticks from South America, the Bulbul Tarang from India and much much more. 

Through the use of humor, and directly engaging with the audience he was an enthusiastic and captivating performer who made all ages smile.

Next week the students will learn about the Parts of an Apple. They will do Apple tasting, count the Apple seeds and do the Apple printing.