A Summer of Fun: Bees, Beats and Books!

Summer camp at Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori  has been a blast!

As friendships grow and faces bask in the sun, imagination and creativity has soared. Our Young Explorers delved into the worlds of the Wild West and Pirates while Adventure Campers baked delicious blueberry bread and built sturdy vessels to protect eggs. Every day is filled with exciting challenges and new activities!

One of the most special aspects of our camp season has been visits from incredible, inspiring guests.


Farmer Ed of Quiver Farm came by to introduce us to his busy, buzzing honeybees! He explained the importance of these little wonders in our ecosystem: bees (and other insects) pollinate one third of all of our food and travel far and wide for nectar to make tasty honey. Campers got to observe the bees up close and even tried on beekeeper suits, bundling up in protective gear from head to toe.

A quick tip from Farmer Ed if you ever get stung by a bee: “Don't pull out the stinger, just flick it out. Baking soda and water takes the sting right out!”

Hip to more than honeybees, our campers have gotten in the groove with dancer and choreographer LaVon Patterson. He has a passion for teaching kids how to connect with music and has worked with amazing stars such as Justin Bieber and Usher. From stretches to steps to challenging games of freeze dance, LaVon has moves that make our campers smile!

“Dance is good for children because it helps build confidence,” says LaVon. “It is a fun outlet for them to utilize their listening skills. They can put energy and motions into movement and it teaches teamwork and friendship building. It’s all about getting them to understand what makes them happy — dancing is fun and it makes you feel good!” 

During our Summer Book Club, campers let their minds dance with stories and books galore. From discussing the challenges and triumphs of book characters to illustrating their favorite parts of the narrative, campers are fostering a passion for reading.

Reading fun doesn’t stop once a chapter ends at camp. Mrs. Green, a librarian from the Lower South Hampton Library, has been assisting with our Book Club. She has some great suggestions on motivating children to read more at home.

“Talking to kids about their interests outside of school can help when looking for the right books,” says Mrs. Green. “If children read about something they’re interested in, they will be more excited about reading! Also, finding books appropriate for their reading level is key. This way, they will be challenged but not discouraged.”

We are so grateful for the wonderful visitors who have kindly shared their expertise and talents with us in such engaging ways. Special guests and surprise adventures delight our campers daily — stay tuned for exciting updates on pony rides, karate lessons, butterfly gardens and much, much more!

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